LIC Fortune Plus plan no. 187 is a Unit Linked Plan (ULIP) where premium payment term (PPT) is 5 years and the premium payable in the first year will be 50% of total premium payable under the policy. Fortune Plus serves the purpose of insurance-cum-investment. Four types of investment Funds are offered in Fortune Plus. The Policyholder has the option to choose any ONE out of the following 4 funds.  Bond, Secured, Balanced and Growth.

Fortune Plus Features:

Payment of Premiums:
You may pay premiums regularly at yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly (ECS) intervals for 5 years. The minimum First year premium will be Rs.20,000/- and you may pay any amount exceeding it. From second year onwards each year’s premium will be 25% of the first year premium.

lic fortune plus

Partial Withdrawals:
You may encash the units partially after the third policy anniversary subject to certain conditions.

Switching of funds:
You can switch between any fund types for the entire Fund Value during the policy term subject to switching charges, if any.

Discontinuance of premiums:
If premiums are payable either yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly (ECS) and the same have not been duly paid within the days of grace under the Policy, the Policy will lapse. A lapsed policy can be revived during the period of two years from the due date of first unpaid premium.

Settlement Option:
When the policy comes for maturity, you may exercise “Settlement Option” and may receive the policy money in installments spread over a period of not more than five years from the date of maturity. There shall not be any life cover during this period. The value of installment payable on the date specified shall be subject to investment risk i.e. the NAV may go up or down depending upon the performance of the fund.

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Eligibility Conditions and Restrictions for Fortune Plus:

1. Minimum Age at entry: 12 years (age last birthday)
2. Maximum Age at entry: 60 years (age nearer birthday)
3. Minimum Maturity Age: 18 years (completed)
4. Maximum Maturity Age: 65 years (age nearer birthday)
5. Minimum Policy Term: 5 years
6. Maximum Policy Term: 20 years
7. Minimum Premium: Rs.20,000/- for first Premium
8. Sum Assured under the Basic Plan: Higher of 5 times the first year’s annualized premium or half of the policy term times the first year’s annualized premium.

Cooling off period:
If you are not satisfied with the “Terms and Conditions” of the policy, you may return the policy to LIC within 15 days.

How to Apply for LIC Fortune Plus policy?

Update: LIC Fortune Plus Table No.187 Has Been Discontinued.

The above is the product summary giving the key features of the plan. This is for illustrative purpose only. This does not represent a contract and for details please refer to your policy document.