21st centaury has been an era of developments. People have been very innovative to bring out various new subjects or different plans in the market. Every individual requires a safe future, so even the life insurance Corporation has been innovative while considering the policy of Jeevan Saral plan. If you are aware of your destination, the best plan which could help you is Jeevan Saral. This plan is made keeping in mind the needs of a common man like if you are looking for regular savings, or saving for capital, this policy would be your ultimate answer. This policy is an investment option which would keep you safe from not only death but also the risks of being empty, because the market faces many ups and downs so to keep yourself safe this policy works.

The LIC Jeevan Saral Table no.165 is one such policy which as per my opinion won’t be neglected as per time. As this policy is one way or another a tool for various small investors. There are various benefits provided such as liquidity which is the basic requirement of a person. The best part lies in the policy when during death the nominee is been provided with 250 times of the monthly premium paid by him adding the premium amount decided. And if the policy matures the insured is provided with the maturity amount and bonus if any.

Jeevan Saral is also known as ATM plan for its flexibility, as it allows you to withdraw partial amount after 10th year of being policy in force. You can utilize this feature whenever you need money after 10 year whether for holiday or your child’s education. The policy is not at all expensive and very much affordable. One added feature is that if you are paying the premiums regularly for 3 years you are been provided and extended cover of 1 year as a bonus. We usually like taking decisions for ourselves, same is the case with this policy, you aren’t forced to pay the premiums, and you can surrender at any time as per your wishes without paying any sought of penalty.

Normally you search about a policy the premiums are decided but in the Jeevan Saral, you are the one who decides about the premiums and then go towards the maturity period. The minimum premium can be as low as Rs 250. This policy provided you a very high risk cover at minimum cost. As per the details the policy is useful who have a low budget but require all the features as well as the risk covers with low premiums as well as a flexibility of decisions. You are one way or the other been provided a number of benefits sat a very low cost. So avail when you have the chance.

In short, LIC Jeevan Saral is the best plan in terms of risk cover, flexibility and good return.