LIC Limited Premium Endowment Plan No. 830 launched by LIC that provides saving as well as protection to the policyholders and his family, As it provides a good savings after end of  the policy term and the protection to the family financially, If the policyholder meet to unfortunate death. It also provides bonus that are declared on early basis. As the name says the plan is limited premium plan that means the policy buyer will have to pay the premium for Limited period of time that is 8 years or 9 years mostly. For example, If a policy holder takes policy for 21 years, he will have to pay the premium maximum for 8 years to 9 years. This is the main feature of this plan that makes it unique. The maturity amount is payable to the policyholder after the completion of the policy term or to the nominee of the policy holder in case of the death of policy holder within the policy term.

Limited premium endowment plan 830

Benefits provided under LIC Limited premium endowment plan 830

Two main benefits which are provided are maturity benefit and death benefit.

Death benefit

If the policyholder meet to death within the policy term, then the nominee will get the sum assured on death and simple reversionary bonus + final bonus if any.

Maturity benefit

In case of maturity of the plan after the policy term, The policyholder will get the maturity benefit as sum assured on maturity + simple reversionary bonus and final additional bonus if any.

There is two additional benefits that are term assurance and accidental death and disability benefit that can be added to the policy as add on plan by paying extra premium along with the main premium.

Some other benefits of LIC Limited period endowment plan

Loan benefit

The policy holder can take loan upon the policy premiums after the completion of the 2 years of the policy term. There is fixed value by the company upto which the loan can be taken that is 80% in case of paid up policies and 90% in case of policies in force.

Tax benefit

The premium paid under LIC Limited premium endowment plan are tax free according to Section 80c and the maturity amount that is provided by the company is also tax free that means it is going to save your tax that is imposed on that amount.

Eligibility criteria and the details of the LIC Limited premium  endowment plan.

  • The policy term that can be choose are 12 years, 16 years or 21 years.
  • The premium paying terms will be equal to 8 years or 9 years
  • The premium can be paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually mode. The monthly payment is only available with ECS system.
  • The minimum sum that can be assured is rupees 3 lakhs and there is no limit on the maximum sum that can be assured.
  • Minimum accidental death benefit provided is rupees 1 lakh and maximum accident death benefit which can be provided he is 1 crore.
  • Maximum maturity age is 69 years for 12 year policy term and 8 year premium paying term and 70 years for all other cases.

Documents required for purchasing LIC Limited premium endowment plan

  • Fully filled application form with photographs
  • Age proof of policy buyer.
  • Address proof.
  • PAN card and Aadhar card for KYC document
  • Accurate medical history
  • Medical examination report if required.

Other information that the policy buyers should know.

Cooling off period

After purchasing the policy if the policy buyer is not satisfied with the policy then within 15 days the policy can we return after the reciept of the policy document.

Grace period

There is a grace period of 15 days for the payment of monthly mode of premium and 30 days for the half yearly and early mode of premium payment. If the premium would not be paid within grace period the policy will lapse.

Policy Revival

If the policy get lapsed then it can be revived within the 2 years from the last premium paying date. If the policy will not revived within 2 years then the policy will get terminated.


There is discount allotted on the half yearly and early mode of premium payment. 1% for half yearly premium payment and 2% for early premium payment.

Surrender value

The policy attains a surrender value after the completion of 2 years of the policy as per the terms and condition of the corporation.